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What Apps Might be Dropped in Windows 10 October 2018 Update?

Hey! Have you heard about the exciting update that the great Microsoft is about to launch in the month of October, this year? No? Don’t be sad. The Windows 10 Customer Support professional is here to make you familiar with the same through this informative and qualitative article. So, be quick and start reading the below info on the future edition of this renowned operating system:

Windows 10 Technical Support

As per the Windows 10 Technical Support experts, the upcoming/ updated version of this operating system software will include a drastic change for a lot of apps. Amongst the changes, the most considerable thing is the removal of some applications. The foremost app that will be dropped for the next month update is ‘Phone Companion’ followed by several other such as Snipping Tool, FontSmoothing, and Hologram. Over the PCs, laptops, tablets, & many other devices that are running Windows 10 operating system, the ‘Phone Companion’ would aid the users to configure their smartphones to them. Thinking ‘Why Microsoft has decided to drop this feature’? Actually, the brand is planning to provide this service within the ‘Settings’ of the version going to be launched in October.        

In addition to it, the reports opened by the Windows 10 Support researchers display that the updated version will remove the functionality which has been swapped by the newer tools or that are rarely used. The reports explain that the upcoming version will facilitate the users with an ease of synchronizing their smartphones with the PCs just by searching for ‘Phone’. The other app which will undergo the same is the ‘Snipping Tool’ program that will not be included in further editions of Windows 10. This is a tool that allows the users to choose a customized area of their system’s screen along with capturing a screenshot or snip. However, the exact time when this service will be dethatched is not stated. But undoubtedly, Microsoft has declared that it will surely replace the ‘Snipping Tool’ with a more recent & advanced ‘Snap & Sketch’ option. The newer apps that the brand will bring include features such as Snip Timer which proffers three options like:

  • ‘Snip Now’,
  • ‘Snip in 3 Seconds’,
  • ‘Snip in 10 Seconds’.

FontSmoothing is another name that is also included in the same list of the apps that the users will not receive in the specified upcoming update. Arriving as a substitute for this service, ClearType will work as a default setting for the users of next month updated Windows 10. The list of services & apps that will face removal from the Windows 10 update comprises the Hologram App also. Replacing this service, the Mixed Reality Viewer will offer some added customization options. 

The aforementioned content includes all the essential statistics about the latest version of Windows 10 that is expected to reach you in the middle of October 2018. So, you should carefully go through it as it will build up your confidence for being prepared in advance which, in turn, let you enjoy the features of the new version without any concern.         

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