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Top 5 Methods to Boost Windows 10 Computer Speed

Everyone loves a new PC and its performance. The way it launches an apps and programs, makes a user feel amazed. But, once the more apps are downloaded, games are installed and documents are created, you’ll basically observe long time is needed to start Windows.
The great news is that Windows 10 Technical Support has derived a few steps to take a user out of such issues. By following these steps, your device will work like a new one for a long time. Here are a few basic practices that can be followed to keep a computer speed high.

Windows 10 Tech Support
# Clean Unnecessary Hard Disk Space
If your PC hard disk is almost full, you may experience each work you do getting slower, as it has fewer space to work with. Windows 10 has an inbuilt application that allows you to clear hard disk. Click the start menu, move down the list to Windows Administrative Tools, and choose Disk Cleanup.
# Uninstall Unnecessary Apps
In Windows 10, begin by opening Control Panel, then select Programs and choose Uninstall an app. This will surely make a huge change to the speed of PC, as those apps include taxing processes, auto-start entries, and device services. Uninstalling unnecessary apps will also enhance system safety. For example, apps like Java, whose outdated versions are known to have security issues, may not only access device resources, but also provide entry for hackers.
# Uninstall Apps Taking Multiple Resources
Your PC may be working slowly, because an app is using a hefty amount of resources. For instance, an app could be facing a memory leak issue and taking up a huge amount of memory, which can seriously slow down the computer performance.
To find out which apps are the possible troublemakers, click on Task Manager. Tap CPU, Memory, and Disk headers for finding the list of resources used, so the applications taking maximum resources is present on the top. If an app is using high amount of device resources, just close it. If it is not closing down, tap on End Task to forcefully shut it down.
You can also stop those apps from opening routinely when your startup. Tap on Startup and disable the apps you don’t require to use every single time you log on. If still issue coming, call Windows 10 Support, they will fix the application slowing down the start-up process.
# Install Security Software
Some Antivirus application helps to speed up the PC. The reason for the same is that they remove the virus traces from the device and clean memory space completely. McAfee is a renowned security application having several features present in it. One can trust it without hesitation and experts also recommend it.
# Reset your PC
The above tips from Windows 10 Customer Support, will make you feel like using a new PC, however if any trouble comes you should reset it. Latest versions of Windows, like Windows 10, make it very simple to carry this and experience new life back into your PC.
To do this, just type Reset the PC into the search box. This feature is inbuilt and is like reinstalling Windows. It will remove your installed apps and device settings, but save the files from deleting.

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