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What Latest the Windows 10 Build 18267 Has Brought for You?

Hi, Windows Lovers! You will be glad to know that today, we, the Windows 10 Support researchers are here to make you aware of the new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18267.       

What new the Build 18267 Includes?

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Input Improvements

# Vietnamese Keyboard: Do you love writing Vietnamese? Well! There is good news that now your PC is available with Vietnamese number key and alphabets-based keyboard. These keyboard related settings and options are the top feature that you should try at least once. Trust us, you will be going to have a great experience.

If you are excited to try out the hardware or touch Vietnamese keyword, the below steps will aid you to do the same:

⇒ Go to Start -> Settings -> Time & Language -> Language

⇒ Now, choose plus (+) icon. The icon is to add the preferred language  

⇒ In the Search box, type ‘Vietnamese’ & hit ‘Enter’

⇒ Click ‘Next’ & install ‘Vietnamese’

⇒ You must return to the language page. Here, click ‘Vietnamese’ followed by clicking ‘option’ tab. It will redirect you to the language options holding ‘Vietnamese’

⇒ Once again, choose plus (+) icon

⇒ Enable the Vietnamese Keyboard of whichever design you prefer

⇒ On the taskbar, press the ‘input indicator’ button and after selecting the keyboard, input anything you want.

# More Symbols:  With the advanced Windows build, it is easy to access and use more special characters and symbols. Change the symbols and numbers view -> click ‘Ω’ key. It will provide you with several tabs in addition to a list of symbols.

Remember – Like many of the previous builds, this build may come with bugs. Undoubtedly, it sounds painful for some users. If anyhow you’ll also be uncomfortable because of this, consider discussing the matter with experienced Windows 10 Tech Support experts. They will help you to handle the build in such a manner that you’ll get the quality outcome.        

Accessibility Improvements

# Narrator Performs Better: This new build will allow the narrator to perform better with Chrome. Up & down arrows, reading commands, navigating by links & headings, circumnavigating with the tab which has been providing initial support to chrome will arrive with more functionality.

# UI Automation Framework: The improved User Interface (UI) Automation will supports IAccessible2. It enables the clients to obtain the IAccessible2 information via the UI Automation user interface.

Search Indexer Improvements

The improved search indexer has a feature that makes Windows to find out all your drives and folders rather than limiting the search to some pictures and documents by default. To enable it, follow the below steps:

⇒ Look for the ‘Windows Search Settings’.

⇒ Under Searching Windows Settings, look for ‘Find my files’.

Usually, it takes 15 minutes to start showing the resultant files. However, if the files are more in number, the time may exceed to a longer slot. Once indexing is accomplished, you will get all your files.

Wrapping up:  So, these were the main improvements that the Windows 10 build has arrived with. Get the updated build and enjoy working with more advanced and interesting features. Apart from the aforementioned, there are many small improvements that will facilitate you with a remarkable working experience. To know about those new features (which are not mentioned here), have a discussion with the knowledgeable Windows 10 Technical Support professionals.        

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